Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Barbeqeu Time !!!

 Yuhuuu.. Finally, we did it.. dh lme kempunan nk mkn barbeqeu.. at that nite my younger brother a.k.a my syg tu balik awal dr kerja.. jd kte wat mkn2.. mmg sell die tokey bakar2 ni.. ayong peram je makanan2 tu.. hehe;)) actually baby nk dtg mlm tu, tp lewat ckit.. jd ktaorg mkn dlu la ye.. hehe.. sorry baby chumel..:)) nnt kte wat lg.. Let's see the pictures yg sempat snap dlm keadaan panas2 tu.. huhu...

My adik tgh pelekat api.. nak jdkan arang tu bara.. sungguh bergaya npk nye tuh. hehe
 Sosej yg rentung ckit.. hehe.. tp tu yg sedap tuh.. 
see this boy, sempat lg kutip riang2 yg tersgt riang bunyi nye.. huhu :))
This the result after very tired bakar ini ayam.. kan syg kan.. hehe
 Ayam bakaq..
 penatnye sye...
 Ayam lagik..

 Ayam lagik.. sbb ktaorg adik beradik ni mmg addicted dgn ayam.. sbb tu sume gem gem.. hehe
 This is daging..
 Sosej yg asyik jatuh dr tpt pemanggang je,,
Sosej dibakar..
Finally, dpt jgk mkn lps penat2 bakar td... :)

Jom mkn.. yum yum yum..

salza_nazri ** Assalamualaikum **

Bedtime Stories.. 

Here i want to share with you guys what happen last night at 11.59p.m.. My family was sent me to keretapi tanah melayu berhad(KTMB) Taiping Perak.. it was train express senandung langkawi number 21.. which is go to klsentral.. so the scenario here doesnt really looks gud cause i have to separate with my mommy and of cos family again.. mis them a lot... :( but its ok, cause i have been arriving safely to klsentral at 5.55a.m.. that train was late, selalunye 5.30 dh smpai, jd sy sempat la kejar train nak ke nilai yg pukul 5.50.. see that, late for 5 minutes.. stress jgk td.. but then, more stress when waiting for another train yg septtnye tibe dalam pukul 6.27 boleh ada masalah pulak nak sampai awal.. train berikutnye dtg pukul 7.10.. fuhhh lbt la msuk ofis hr ni jwb nye.. so u guys as usual,  i share these kind of pictures.. :-

this is me, i dun realize when i become so bigg... maybe after raya tu la.. adoiii..
Ini baby yg comel, teman hantar k.yog jgk kan.. she said this is first time she come to ktmb taiping...its ok baby, k.yog dh bwk ni.. kan.. kan.. hehe ;))
baby with angah >> gmbo jauh..
baby with angah again.. :)
cian my mommy.. feel sleepy because that time it was her sleep time.. hehe

my mommy again.. she try to give her very beautiful smile.. she really do.. cantikkan.. hehe ;)))

Okeh! that's all** Assalamualaikum **

Start fresh with makan2 kat kurau stone  @ Batu Kurau Taiping Perak.. First sight i might see kurau stone like i dun believe this place is batu kurau.. beautiful place like cameron highland.. cameron highland jgn mrhkan sy sbb sm kan mcm y'all ya.. tp mmg cantik.. tambah lg pegi waktu mlm.. but.. what i'm dissapointed is, x sempat nk snap pic scenery mlm tu.. sbb terlalu teruja agak nye.. but you guys dun worry, i might snap a pict when we're going to that place again.. about the food and beverage @ kurau stone.. quite gud.. we try steamboat, chicken chop and nasi goreng kurau stone.. but what i feel so funny is my father doesn't like that nasi goreng kurau stone.. x kena dgn selera die agaknye.. but for me, i really do like all that.. blh tahan.. so.. so la.. hehe.. but u guys have to try it first.. here i share some pictures yg sempat ter snap.. hehe;) enjoys ;))))

 my lovely mommy with my younger sister.. khusyuk mkn.. they do not realize that i take this pic.. hehe

 chicken chop = rm9.. the sauce taste like blackpaper..but nice!!
Nasi goreng kurau stone = rm8.90.. this nasi greng la yg my father said the taste doesnt gud enough.. 
 angah >> "ayong.ayong, amik gmba angah ni.."
 steamboat = rm25.. mcm2 ada dlm tu.. tp dh tggal ckit sbb ktaorg dh bedal dlu.. feel like very hungry lorrr at that time plus the wheather very cold after raining.. ngeh..ngeh..ngeh..
 see that.. only my tangan yg pakai jam color pink tu je yg masuk.. i dh crop ok, sbb my body become so bigger.. dlm erti kata laen,(bertambah gmok) hehe.. actually it was me yg rebus sume2 tu utk family sy.. sweet kan.. ;)))
this situation, we have to pindah to another table cause our first table is so small tu put the things that we have been ordered before this,,

Sekian, laporan nye.. akan diupdate dari semasa ke semasa ye ;) bye y'ols..

Friday, December 16, 2011

Hepi Saturday ;))))

Today's plan is going tu kenduri @ kampung bt kurau... yes, yg kaya dgn durian tu kalo dtg musim die.. after that, we're going to Grik.r a lot.. what a special day.. have been to visit cik aina yg gemok tu.. mis her a lot.. lme x jmpe since her mother give birth to her second baby.. baby boy tu.. so sepasang la mama aina skg.. okeh, selamat pergi dan balik wat kami semua satu family;))))